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Announced Program M.Ed

Only Semester System

M.Ed for Semester System

M.Ed Group A Specialization in Distance and Non-Formal Education
M.Ed Group B Specialization in Science Education
M.Ed Group C Specialization in Secondary Teacher Education
M.Ed Group D Specialization in Secondary Special Education

M.Ed Programs Criteria
1. Admission Requirement_? 2. Selection Process______? 3. Duration_____________?
4. Medium of Instruction__? 5. Learning Methodology__? 6. Assignments__________?
7. Course Required______? 8. Tutorial______________? 9. Workshop____________?
10. Self Material__________?

* Instructions:
1. Miss Calls and SMS are not attended and totally denied.
2. Student should make call by himself, third person will not be informed.
3. Only one class information's will be provided at one time.
4. At the time of call please notice the dignity of educational institute and keep your attitude better.

For Admission Date, Fee, Criteria and further

Information's Contact

Morning 10 am to Azan-e-Mughrib

Cell # 0321-4275156       Ph: 042-37422590